Saturday, November 15, 2008

Summer Toys and water toys on sale at Amazon- Most Expired as of 11/19

Looks like most of these are back to regular price, although I did see a few still at the low cost.

Amazon is having a large end of season sale on summer toys, with some really good deals on water toys.

And if anyone gets the Bonzai Falls Splash Blast Lagoon, we will be there with our suits on the first hot day next summer.

Slip 'N Six Pins $5
Ring Toss N' Hoops $5
Paradise Cove Magic Mist Lounge $8
Vortex Blast Slide $9
Elephant Park Spray Pool $9
Wave Racer Water Slide $15
Slide N' Splash Whale Pool $20

Motorized water boats
Motorized Thunder Boat $14
Skimboard Surfer $15
Motorized Wave Rider $16
Motorized Bumper Boat $16
Motorized Speed Boat $17
Motorized Hydro Blast Battle Cruiser $23

Large water toys/entertainment
Banzai Falls Splash Blast Lagoon $96
Banzai Falls Mega Racer $207
Double Drop Raceway $207
Banzai Sidewinder Blast Bundle $229
Cyclone Twist $278
Pipeline Twist Aqua Park with 2 Water Cannons $324

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