Thursday, November 13, 2008

Late notice- Get 50% off, then additional 30% off outerwear at Old Navy

My neighbor just called me (Thanks Tanya!) to tell me that today is the last day of the Old Navy 50% off outerwear sale, but it happens to coincide with the first day of Old Navy's Friends and Family sale 30% off. She said a friend of hers hit it today and got some great prices on snowpants, etc.

If you need the F&F coupon- email me or call me and I will send it to you asap so you can get there before it closes.

Dave has soccer tonight so I won't be able to get there- arrrghhhhhh- a bargain that I can't get to- how frustrating!!!!!

Update: I sent the coupon with Dave and told him he has to stop on his way home from soccer- yes!

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