Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Want 1,721 Free Prints? Big list of free digital prints

If you are like me you have a ton of pictures on your computer or camera that need to be printed out. I am an easy when it comes to getting photos printed- meaning I'll get them developed just about anywhere if it's for a good price. Here is a great list I found on SD that lists a slew of free prints you can get. Some of them are codes, but most of them are credits you get when you sign up. Sign up to all of them, use multiple email addresses for new accounts and you can end up getting a TON of pictures developed.

* [] offers its members 600 4x6" and 600 5x7" prints (1,200 total) for free. *
Snapfish [] offers 50 free prints* [] offers 50 free prints* [] offers 50 free prints* [] offers 40 free prints* []offers 25 free prints*
FujiFilm [] offers 100 free prints via coupon code "prints-6"* [] offers 20 free prints* [] offers 20 free prints*
Shutterfly [] offers 50 free prints*
Winkflash []offers 50 free prints via coupon code "WF95WF27"*
Meijer []offers 50 free prints* []offers 16 free prints

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