Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coin Star Brag

I just made $60 for nothing. A few weeks ago I told you about the Coinstar deal where you change $40 worth of coins into a $40 gift card and then they will send you an additional $10 gift card when you submit the form that prints out at the end of your receipt.

This afternoon I took a bunch of change over to my local ACME hogged the machine for a half hour or so but I made 6 transactions of $40 gift cards and will be getting back 6 $10 gift cards. I had the gift cards all made into Amazon gift cards because we shop there often so now instead of having $240- we have $300 to spend at Amazon.

Only one per person per household so I am going to have to have them sent to some friends and family but WOOO HOOOO! Easiest $60 I ever made.

Here are the details of the original post:

Make Money on Coinstar- turn $40 of change into $50 of gift cards
Coinstar is currently running a great deal- change $40 in coins at a Coinstar machine and change it into a gift certificate- you'll then get a claim form that you submit for a $10 gift card. Read about it here and check out the official rules for all the details.

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