Monday, November 23, 2009

Possible Free One month Trial of Amazon Prime

Prime gives you free two day shipping. Start it today and you will get free 2 day shipping until Dec 23rd- perfect for Christmas shopping. You just have to remember to go into your account and cancel the automatic upgrade or at the end of the month it will automatically charge your CC $80 for a year of Prime. There are details at the bottom as to how to make sure this doesn't happen.

Here are the ways you can possibly get it:

Method A:
1. Sign *out* of your Amazon account.
2. Click here to start the free trial sign-up process (it will mention either a 1 or 3 month trial, whatever it mentions is what you will get if you sign up).
4. You'll have to sign in again in the process
3. Follow the instructions, give CC number and billing address, etc.
5. In the end there should be a very explicit button "start my free trial"
(they ask for credit card for charging a year of prime after the trial is up, but amazon has a very easy button to click to NOT automatically charge you after trial is done, see below for details). This is 100% free if done this way. I have done it before.

Method B:
1. Sign into you account
2. Click on "Manage your prime"
3. It will say that its been canceled, if you used the offer before.
4. Click on the link saying if you want to sign up.
5. Confirm address and give credit card info
6. It will offer you one month of free "Prime"
7. Make sure the you cancel the upgrade before one month.

Method C:
Use a new email (and perhaps a new card) to create a new amazon account (address and phone matching should be fine), and then you should be able to get trial. Gmail is a good email to use, you can set it to forward to your main email account.

To stop automatic upgrade and charge of $79 after free trial:
Make sure to revisit the same link after getting the trial, so you can turn off the automatic upgrade (else you will get charged $80 after 1 or 3 months).
Once you visit that link, click "Manage my membership" and then click "turn off auto upgrade.
This will let you use prime for as long as the free trial lasts, then when its over it will not charge you. The amazon page will specifically say it will NOT upgrade you after you click this.

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