Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bearpaw Women's Boot 1/2 off today only on amazon

Amazon is offering 50% off Bearpaw boots (pretty much Uggs of another name) today. Search for Bearpaw women's boots- they have a ton of different styles, lots of different heights-then pick your color and size and the different place you can buy them from comes up on the right. You must pick as the seller to get the 50% off. Also, the 50% off won't show up until the very last page when you checkout. Make sure the 1/2 off shows up before you click all the way through.

I got these and am very excited to finally have some decent snow boots that are somewhat fashionable. And I got them in Chocolate. MMMMMMmmmm. And I only paid $32 for them- score!

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