Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An apology for being MIA

Last night a friend called and the first thing she said is "Are you guys okay? Is everyone sick?" and when I responded no- she called "Come on then Little Miss Moffett- where are the Bargains!!!!"

Crazy week last week with lots of family in, and pretty much three straight days of family time. Not much computer time and to be honest, the blog hasn't been bringing in enough money to justify taking time away from seeing people I only get to see once or twice a year.

Plus, the sales were everywhere- you didn't need me on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I am sure you were like me- inundated with flyers and emails- everywhere you looked.

Trying to get back on track again this week-

Hope your Black Friday was good. I actually took it easy. First time in years I was waiting in line on a cold, dark morning trying to get in somewhere. I didn't make it out until 9:45 and even then only hit two stores. But I hit paydirt at Gap- BOGO Sweaters and then 40% off all sale items. I was getting sweaters for $9 each. I now have a whole new sweater wardrobe. Plus, I got rid of 11 old sweaters to send to Good Will. We watched Hoarders last week and it's put the fear of being a hoarder in me so from now on if something comes in, it must go out.

Dec. 1st- Let the shopping begin...

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