Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scrabble $14.99

Back when I was a single girl and looking for a man, I always used to play Scrabble with dates- it really helped me weed out the not so bright ones. Single girls- if he can't ever make more than a four letter word, run away. I always said when one of them beat me at Scrabble it was time to marry him. And yes, DH beats me at Scrabble whenever we play. A classic game and every home should have one.

Amazon has Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition for $14.99. Shipping is Free with Amazon Prime or if you spend $25 or more. Use Slick Fillers to find other eligible items to help bring your total to $25. Lowest price found anywhere else was $35

1 comment:

oneway said...

Yo Liz - so harsh on the men-of-small word builder... Some men know that it's all about correct letter usage and placement on that board! If done correctly - a three letter word could be worth more than 30 points! It's all about the points my friends! It's a strategy game - and my DH beats me ALL THE TIME using it!

Single girls - run away if he won't play at all... or start w/ something like Boggle! :-)