Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Only for the ladies- Diva Cup

Okay- I know this thing looks crazy. And it took me years of hearing about how great they were to finally get one. It's not for everybody- but if you think about it- you spend how much each month buying feminine products. This is a one time purchase so it saves you a ton plus for those of you trying to be green- it really reduces your carbon footprint.

Diva Cup 12.59+SH (1.50 First Class) 12/31 last day. has Diva cups on sale for $18.99.There's also a 10% year-end discount (today's the last day!) and a $5 off code (KIN087) for new customers it ends up being $12.59. Shipping is running about $1.50 for First Class mail. US.

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