Friday, October 9, 2009

Hucd on Fonecs wurked fer me

Hooked on Phonics has a few good deals on some activity packs and overstocked items with an additional 50% off coupon SLICK50 available. Shipping starts at $5 and depends on the size of the order and the items you choose.
A few items of interest (prices after coupons, before shipping):
Learn to Read - Kindergarten (2007 Edition) $7.50
Learn to Read - First Grade (2007 Edition) $7.50
Learn to Read - Second Grade (2007 Edition) $7.50
First Grade Activity Pack $7.50
Hooked on Pre-K Activity Pack for Preschool Learning $7.50
Hooked on Kindergarten Activity Pack $7.50
Learn to Read - Pre-K Premium Edition (2007 Edition) $10
Hooked on Spanish $10
Hooked on French Deluxe $12.50
Learn to Read Kindergarten-1st Grade (2007 Edition) $20

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