Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Ready- REI Super Clearance Sale is coming!

REI Super Clearance (.83 Sale) Aug. 28 - Sep. 7
This should be the 50% off clearance items ending in .83.
I posted this same sale last January I believe.

It is probable that the the online sale starting earlier than the actual date so do your shopping now- put it in your cart so you are ready as soon as it starts.

Here are directions thanks to Skystorm on slickdeals

The Ultimate REI Super Clearance Sale Guide ®Here's how the *online* super clearance is supposed to work in theory, both on and
At 12 am PST on the day the sale starts, every item on their website with a price ending in .83 will have 50% taken off that price. The reduced price is rounded to a .83 again.
This will already be reflected on the item's page, and the same price will show up in your shopping cart and at checkout.For instance, a pair of shoes that goes for $39.83 at 11:59pm should be $19.83 at midnight.In practice, however, the following things can cause some confusion -- and have done so in the past:
The day before the sale starts, prices are gradually being marked down already. Last time, for instance, many .83 items had 50% taken off early the day before, and some more reductions went into effect throughout the day.
If you have .83 items in your cart from before the sale, the price in your cart will *not* be updated automatically, unless you make changes to your cart (add/remove an item, change/update quantities) or proceed to checkout.
Some items will have more than 50% taken off (like the infamous Cliff bars for 3 cents ).
New last time: Some .83 items never had the 50% taken off, for some it only happened on the 2nd day of the sale.Ok, so how do you know whether an .83 item is already reduced, i.e., had 50% taken off? Essentially you don't. If you are happy with the price you see, buy it. (But as was pointed out by others, if the reduced price is more than 50% off MSRP, chances are it's the super clearance price already and there won't be any further mark-downs...)

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