Thursday, January 8, 2009

Huge REI Sale

Apparently this is a big one every year that people stalk. It starts tomorrow Jan. 9th. It is 50% off the lowest sale price of any item on sale that end in $.83. Ship to store for free shipping. Sound confusing? I c&p some directions someone posted online as to how the sale works. here they are:

Sale Pricing: Most items are already marked 20-60% off before they take an additional 50% off the discounted price. This additional 50% off either comes off when you put the item in your cart or has already been off the price that you see for the item on the item page. They have done it differently depending on the sale. For example: the spring 07 sale 50% was taken off on the item's page, while the fall 06 took off 50% in the cart.(Edit on pricing) - it is only on items ending in .83, but the items that end in .83 will change before and during the sale.

Sale Timing: The exact start times for the online sales are not exactly when REI has said in the past. They seem to be using different methods of marking down the gear for the sale. For example the fall 2007 sale was to start Aug 24 but then they started manually marking down the items online on Aug 23, the B&M still started on Aug. 24.

Best shopping techniques:1. Load up your cart with items that end in .83 before the sale begins. Then check the prices of the items in your cart when the sale begins.2. They also add many new items through the sale so keep checking back during the sale3. To keep items in the cart from disappearing while you are looking around: 1) place several small orders, or 2) move the order to the checkout process. This in the past has seemed to hold your items and you could still add items using anther browser tab.4. "Be prepared for cancellation / OOS emails. Seriously, REI doesn't update the stock on their webpage in real time (only once every 30 min or so), which usually leads to some disappointment during this sale." (thanks skystorm) Although sometimes they will issue a 20% coupon to say sorry.

Remember that Ship to Store is free with REI and they have 100% satisfaction guarantee

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